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Agniworld - Kirill Platonkin (c) 2010
Almost two and half an hour of wonderful, dense and impressive drones you can find in Seetyca’s double album “Seetycan (Grue And Bleen)”, which was released on Endless Ascent label in December of 2008. In fact, Seetyca is a project from Thuringia, Germany, and the author started his experimenting activity in far 1992. The first part of the double set is called “Grue”, which may be the hybrid of blue and green or grey colors, while the second – “Bleen” may refer to the confluence of blue and green, or black and green. Through this philological innovations, author, perhaps, wanted to depict some sensations, that are located somewhere out of visible, audible and sensible spectra, he presented a new multidimentional rainbow. Really, Seetyca’s music is closely connected with colour, it’s a true example of synesthesia-summoning pieces, which broaden or, probably, elongate the scale of perception. Among other features, I would like to note the atmosphere of relief and serenity of all shades – from silent and temperate to supreme and solemn. More over, the other evident characteristic is the confidence in the author’s music drawing hand – it is a real solid album of the ambient master. So, take a ride on Seetyca’s rainbow.

Stargazer - Bram Gollin (c) 2009
This is the newest net release of Seetyca, released on a new netlabel called Endless Ascent. Endless Ascent was started up by the same guy behind Dark Winter, another great ambient netlabel everyone should check out. Lots of promising new artists and a goldmine for those who enjoy droney ambient soundscapes.

Anyway, back to Seetyca now. I’ve been hooked to his music since I first heard his EP, “See Things“. Nothing original, nothing groundbreaking or anything but it just had this feeling and sound to it that I was searching for for a long time. Just simple and barely changing “light” drones. Yeah, perfect… After that I decided to check out “Im Traum…” and “Silence” (both released on the Dark Winter label). Both of the same caliber like “See Things”, maybe somewhat darker but still has this “light” sound. After that, I kinda lost track of Seetyca and what he released.

I’m a regular visitor of the Dark Winter website and one day I found out about Endless Ascent and what it was about. Focussing only on “light ambient, atmospheric and space music”. Awesome. I checked out some releases and it was just what I was looking for. Props go to Nathan for this!

When I read that there was a new Seetyca album on Endless Ascent I was really happy. And it was a double full length release too! Anyway, let’s get to the point of the music.

It’s a very varied release. Lots of light organic drones, some nice synth ambience , even some subtle rhythmn here and there and a diverse sound. It has something for everyone. It reminded me of a mix between Oophoi and the beatless works of Numina and Steve Roach. If you like all these artists you should stop reading right now and download this right away. For those who are not fully convinced I’ll describe the sound a bit more.

What’s so good about Seetyca’s music is that it’s very “drifting”. Extremely calm. Colourful. Refreshing. Maybe even mystic on some moments. Healing? You decide. I like to listen to his music on a cold winter morning or something, when I just woke up. It’s just perfect for any quiet moment really. It fills up the silence without destroying it. Really cool.

Well, to conclude: this is a really solid release and there is not much to tell. The music speaks for itself in this case and you just need to listen to it and draw your own conclusion. Like most ambient recordings everyone has their own approach of listening to it. All in all, download this and just drift away. It’s perfect for that. Oh, and check out all the other releases on Endless Ascent too. I’ll review some more of those in the near future.

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