ea022 - Cordell Klier - Angelic

Angelic (an ambient reworking of Niall)

Angelic 2 (an ambient reworking of various newage artists)

The story behind the Angelic Ambiance....

As a teenager I was completely into metal music. The thing I loved about that kind of music was that many of my favorite albums would start out all peaceful and then erupt into a cacophony of aggression. Notes and phrases moving a hundred miles a minute. Which in-turn would eventually lean towards an ambient interlude, or a classical guitar piece to break-up all the panic static... a wind-chime here, a dash of a church-bell there, wind and rain... sometimes even the sound of an ocean's shore tended to round out some of my favorite early metal releases. This of course lead me to search for entire albums of the sort. Of which I fell in love with newage music in the 80's alongside my speed, power, thrash, black & death metal addiction.

Early favorites being the likes of David Arkenstone and the soft piano of David Lance's Christophers Dream... a work that still makes me cry when I hear it.  As well, I owned a ton of releases from the Narada label.  Yet of course... as my teenage darksider spirit sought for a darker mood in music I naturally gravitated toward the likes of Cold Meat industry, Malignant, Old Europa Cafe, Projekt, Musica Maxima Magnetica, Tess Records, etc... and the usual greats of the dark ambient and death industrial scene pretty much took over my interest in all things new-agey.  And by the second wave of blackmetal hitting in about '93... most of my interest in newage fell away.

Fast forward about 20 years,...
.... post releasing a lot of dark ambient, death industrial darkwave, black punk, contemporary sound art, noise and glitch music.... my life changes..... and changes a lot.... bringing in the need for something soothing and calming re-enters the picture.

During a massage at a friends spa this song comes on as he is working out a large knot in my left shoulder, and sound rekindles my interest in newage music all over again. As I do some life and wellness coaching on the side, I've found that playing soft & peaceful music has come to make a lot more sense, then say that of playing Ryoji Ikeda in the background of a session. So I went online and sought more of what I heard that day at the Artifex Manuum Spa and Gallery. Much of the work came from an artist named Niall. And coincidentally during my search for all things newage, the chiropractor next door to the spa actually gave me an entire box filled with early 90's and 80's newage music some weeks later. Total synchronicity! As i had not even told him that I was on the search at all this seemed to much to ignore.

Of what I was listening to I liked what I heard musically from Niall, yet wanted it to be more washed out, being that my tastes have always been about reverb and effects. So I entered the studio and started to toy around with some of his tracks for personal use with my clients.  Never intended at all to create a release... Needless to say, what started out as just a silly nostalgia project for myself turned into two releases of angelic ambient re-interpretations.

As an adult I'm still slightly interested in blackmetal and the likes of all things spooky art music related from time to time, I mean you can't beat a good Necromantia disc... But with that, there is also a large place in my life for all things heavenly, angelic, kind, benevolent, and filled with peace and grace. And maybe it is my age, but peaceful music just seems to make more sense now.

My hope is to share a different side of myself to the world with these ambient re-interpretations of some prominent and modern newage works from the artists: Niall, Pamela & Randy Copus (also known as 2002), and harpist Joel Andrews. Of which I'd like to extend a massive thank you to Niall especially, for whom kicked off the inspiration that day at the spa, as well has graciously gave me the blessing to use his sounds which has been more then kind.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.
This work is dedicated to SOURCE, Love, and A.A. Michael (THE Metatron).

September, 2012 - Cordell Klier

Original Sound Samples:

(special thanks to Niall for his cooperation, support, and patience with this project)

Pamela & Randy Copus (AKA 2002)

Joel Andrews

Original Painting:

F. Rassouli

Ambient Reinterpretations:

Cordell Klier

Download Full Albums:

ea022 - Cordell Klier - Angelic (2-disc) (157 MB)

ea022-1 - Cordell Klier - Angelic (an ambient reworking of Niall) (89.8 MB)

ea022-2 - Cordell Klier - Angelic 2 (an ambient reworking of various newage artists) (67.4 MB)

Download Songs:

Disc 1
Track 01 - Angelic (17.8 MB)
Track 02 - Angelic (17.4 MB)
Track 03 - Angelic (11.9 MB)
Track 04 - Angelic (13.6 MB)
Track 05 - Angelic (12.8 MB)
Track 06 - Angelic (22.3 MB)

Disc 2
Track 01 - Archangel Michael 1 (6.8 MB)
Track 02 - Archangel Michael 2 (13.2 MB)
Track 03 - Archangel Michael 3 (12.9 MB)
Track 04 - Archangel Michael 4 (7.2 MB)
Track 05 - Archangel Michael 5 (15.3 MB)
Track 06 - Archangel Michael 6 (14.1 MB)

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