ea009 - Sara Ayers - Ambient Collaborations

Sara Ayers: Ambient Collaborations is a collection of works created by vocal composer Sara Ayers and a stellar group of musicians from around the world.

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ea009 - Sara Ayers - Ambient Collaborations (52.0 MB)

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Track 01 - Shirley Collins (10.1 MB)
A dense, angelic and foreboding soundscape that strikes an uneasy balance between ecstasy and horror, from Kyzyl To Samarkand, a 5-song, 51-minute project with Japanese dark ambient experimentalist Ryuta.K.

Track 02 - The Canoe and the Waterfall (6.15 MB)
Plaintive yet dazzling waves of luminous sound envelope the listener in this exquisite piece from Touch by Falling You, Californian John Zorko's long-running collaborations with an array of female vocalists.

Track 03 - Not Even All The Stars (8.41 MB)
Vocal choruses evolve into a dense mass that is at once soaring and heartbreaking. From the EP Thrice Thy Heart Will Broken Be, the first release in an ongoing partnership with ambient vocalist Jeff Sampson of Colorado.

Track 04 - Fog (11.8 MB)
A dark and creepy journey through an unseen landscape evokes the feeling of floating down a river of nightmares in this collaboration with Massachusetts-based noted dark ambient master Mindspawn.

Track 05 - Excerpt From EMIL-Live - 03/15/2003 (10.4 MB)
This sparkling yet wistful lamentation was a live improvisation by Nebula Drone, a trio from Cologne, Germany, that used samples from "Drowning in Light."

Track 06 - They Also Remain Elsewhere (4.64 MB)
Voices, guitar, cymbals and static coalesce into a dream of Cossacks on the vast Russian steppes. From the first release by Star Crossed Others, an ongoing collaboration with Oleg Gaponov and Oleg Tolstolutsky of Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

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