ea006 - zenith & mikrokristal - oneirogenic

Each track is an attempt to characterise every stage of sleep – moving from falling asleep, when thoughts, sensation and perception fade away, through slow stages with massive textures and peaceful waves, sleep spindles and sudden arousals to rapid eye movement phase, when a dreaming process takes place.

Big thanks to Joana, Seetyca and Inga G.

Covers and design work by Zeak

Mastering by Seetyca (mbira rec. DE)

Download Full Album:

ea006 - zenith & mikrokristal - oneirogenic (39.2 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 - Phase 1. Kritimas / Falling (9.45 MB)
Track 02 - Phase 2. 470 (8.41 MB)
Track 03 - Phase 3. Dangaus matrica / Sky matrix (10.2 MB)
Track 04 - Phase 4. Verpste / Spindle (6.68 MB)
Track 05 - r.e.m. Atgal / Back (4.42 MB)

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