ea003 - malabì - music for an imaginary city

The songs of 'music for an imaginary city' developed when malabi worked on a serial documentary on RAI, the national Italian television. The projects were based on the status of Italian major cities like Rome and Milan, the growth of Periferia (Suburbs) and the pollution linked to cars and traffic. Malabi started to imagine the different places and cities of the future. He was born as an architect and works as a director. He needed a "sound" for his works so he simply joined these two passions and trasformed this imaginary idea into music. The idea of a clean, slowly rarefied city, living in simplicity, all connected thru the invisible electronic: imaginary.

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ea003 - malabi - music for an imaginary city (94.0 MB)

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Track 01 - Life Dreaming (6.96 MB)
Track 02 - Spacey (4.03 MB)
Track 03 - Another Way (5.49 MB)
Track 04 - Dreamin' Path (8.02 MB)
Track 05 - Garden of Koto (7.69 MB)
Track 06 - Endless (12.0 MB)
Track 07 - Sunday Afternoon (9.76 MB)
Track 08 - So Far Away From Home (6.38 MB)
Track 09 - My mind is going (1.92 MB)
Track 10 - Deeper (2.86 MB)
Track 11 - City of tomorrow (4.74 MB)
Track 12 - Abstracta (6.08 MB)
Track 13 - Travel (6.14 MB)
Track 14 - Road Runner (11.1 MB)
Track 15 - Waterless (5.38 MB)
Track 16 - Research at Roman Imperial Fori (2.45 MB)

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